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A cycling lesson (100 minutes in total) was recorded using loadsol® insoles in cycling shoes. Scanning rate was set to 100 Hz. In the below screenshots the red curves are representing the total force in the left shoe, the blue curves those in the right shoe.

The following figure (from novel loadpad® analysis software) give an overview about the course of the whole lesson, consisting of a short warm up, periods of cycling with intermediate and stronger pedaling forces in a sitting position, short sections of pedaling in a standing position (weighing ride), a cool down period and stretching at the end of the lesson:

1) Course of the whole cycling lesson:
Course whole cycling lesson web

The next screenshots taken from an iPod show moments of typical movement patterns.

2) Sitting position, intermediate pedaling force (light ascent):
Sitting position

3) Sitting position, strong pedaling force (steep ascent):
Sitting position strong pedalling

4) Standing position - note the different force scale:
Standing position

5) Sitting position, pedaling only with right leg (blue), then only with left leg (red) - note the different time scale:
Sitting position right left leg

The measurement allows an evaluation of the training regarding the intensity of the individual phases, the applied peak forces, the mean forces, the balance between left and right leg, the cadence and the loading rate. The shape of the force curves allows conclusions to be drawn about the flow and uniformity of the pedaling. In addition, the athlete also receives visual feedback during training and can adjust the intensity accordingly.

Please have a look at

loadsol new electronic 02 web

loadsol new electronic 03 web

From 5 to 7 December 2017, novel was represented at the 4th International Conference on Movement, Health and Exercise in Johor Bahru, Malaysia which was organized by Ministry of Higher Learning Malaysia and Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation (FSR), Univeristi Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Our representative in Malaysia, company Naman Technology Sdn. Bhd., showed and explained the different novel pressure distribution and force measurement systems. They were pleased to welcome many sports related researchers from different universities at their booth who were really interest in the novel product family. Especially our mobile systems pedar® and loadsol® to be used in sports biomechanics aroused interest. Thanks to all interested visitors!

Please take a look at the pictures:

20171205 100428 web

20171205 110716 web

20171205 130434 web

20171205 130500 web

20171206 113150 web

20171206 131128 web

20171207 104341 web

20171207 111907 web

02 IMG 1749

04 IMG 1751

05 IMG 1753

01 buttonsens

The 25th International Symposium for Foot Surgery (GFFC) took place from 1 to 2 December 2017 in Unterschleißheim (near to Munich), Germany. Approximately 600 participants discussed problem cases and solution processes for surgery and therapy of the foot and ankle. Among the participants were many users of our emed® pedography system. The pedography and corresponding scientific results were also included in the various presentations.
novel presented its emed®, pedar®, and loadsol® systems which are used for foot measurement. Thank you to all visitors for the great interest!

IMG 1686 web

IMG 1687 web

IMG 1677 web

IMG 1680 web

img 01 web

img 02 web

img 03 web

IMG 1681 web

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