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art science


Powerpoint Shows

1. Focus Acting in the Forefoot During Normal Gait
- A Clinical Application' (in pdf, 2 MB)
- Dr. Chritian Wyss, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Kantonsspital Aarau, Swiss.
PDF Download

2. 'La baropodométrie dynamique dans la chirurgie des
troubles statiques du pied'

(Doctor E.Toullec at Centre de Chirurgie du Pied, Polyclinique de Bordeaux-Tondu.) This presentation is in French.
PDF Download

3. Charcot Foot emed demo (missing)

Demonstration of 3D and 2D pressure distribution from a 43 year old diabetic patient with peripheral neuropathy. The data can be played and controlled within the window.  supplied by novel inc.

4. The importance of preventive off-loading in
patients with diabetes mellitus Final

by Diamanto Maliotou,
Download the powerpoint presentation (file size: 30 MB)

Foot Forward Website

1. Pressure Distribution Applications for Surgical Knee Implants Slideshow presentation detailing novel's specialty sensors for surgical knee implants. This presentation also goes into specifics of the calibration procedure and important properties of pressure distribution measurement sensors.

2. Can the pliance pressure mat accurately locate the COP position in a standing subject?
Download the powerpoint presentation

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