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  • Sensors


    During its 20 years of activity novel has developed a wide variety of sensors for pressure distribution measurement for medical as well as technical/industrial applications.

    The basis of the novel system is capacitive sensor technology. All sensors are individually calibrated and provide accurate and reliable pressure data.

    Standard sensors are available in various shapes and sizes. They can be configurated as single sensors or arranged in a matrix to fit different measuring surfaces. Various pressure ranges can be achieved as well as various sensor thickness. Flexibility and elasticity are one of the relevant characteristics of novel sensors. Proper material selection and design give novel sensors the ability to conform around highly contoured sites without wrinkling. An assortment of coatings can be applied to novel sensors. Some coatings simply increase a sensor´s durability while others make a sensor waterproof. Some novel sensors can be sterilised and utilised in physiological environments in vitro and in vivo during surgical procedure.

    It is one of the primary interests of novel to be involved in new fields of application and find solutions to the special needs of researchers and clinicians. Using its long experience in pressure distribution measurement and its know-how, novel can develop custom sensor designs to meet customer needs.

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