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art science


Systems pedar


novel systems represent the state of the art technology in dynamic pressure distribution measurement. There are three product families:

pedar in-shoe pressure measurement systems for the monitoring of shoe and shoe-insert function.

climbing 2


pedar-x testing treadmill walking



RTL, a public television station with a viewing area covering Germany, joined the novel Munich office in producing a film segment about the effects of high-heeled shoes and other footwear on the feet.


The novel emed pressure platform and pedar inshoe pressure systems were used for the testing conducted on Wednesday January 9, 2003 in the novel Munich office and the feature was aired a week after the shooting in the 'Explosiv-Weekend' program. The segment was produced to give the public valuable information about considering the health of their feet when choosing footwear.

running studies

An example for running studies done at the INESCOP Institute in Mallorca by Caspar Morey and collegues.

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