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art science



Joints | Hardware

New hardware options coming soon!
Mobile options will include internal memory and wireless options. USB connections and faster smapling rates will be available!


ankle joint sensor

The basis for the novel systems is calibrated, accurate and reliable capacitive sensors. The individual sensor elements are elastic and arranged in a matrix, which conforms easily to 3-dimensional shapes. The sensor matrix is connected to the novel pliance mobile electronic hardware, which accepts a maximum numbre of 256 sensor elements, or to the plaince-ftm analyser, which accepts up to 12,000 sensors. Pressure analysis can be performed with a cabled or mobile (wireless or data logger) system using a Windows PC.

kneepad sensor, pliance-X

As with all novel pedar and pliance systems, a calibration device can be supplied with the system. The calibration device can be used at any time to verify the quality of the measuring results.

Knee joint sensor
Hand joint sensor

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