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For long term measurement with pedar system

Possible features:

  • Monitors total force, left and right foot
  • Supplies signal for reaching desired load and warning signal for overload
  • Monitors peak pressure of 4 or 8 selectable areas
  • Intelligent foot switch function
  • Supplies switching signal output for gait analysis systems and EMG

At selected maximum speed of 100Hz, pedar® monitors continuously for 25 hours.

Screenshot of pedoport® Software

Features included:

  • Same features like pedar®/E (Expert) software, and additionally:
  • Captures up to 2 video cameras synchronously
  • Displays and stores pressure and video synchronously as one combined file
  • CAL 2 modes
    -    Calibration of the insoles (trublu calibration device required for this option)
    -    Possible to combine the measurement insoles of different sizes for data collection
  • novel database light
    -    Initialises pedar® and emed® systems
    -    Organizes patient data
    -    Allows access to novel scientific analysis software
    -    Allows queries
    -    Calculates and analyses standard foot parameters
    -    Imports/exports ASCII files with other databases

Screenshot of pedar®/R (Recorder) Software with video

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