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art science

cross-country skiing

novel is presently testing new sensor technology
for measurements under skis.
They connect to the pedar -x or pliance-x 32 system and
will need pliance software.

A pedar-x system with sensor insoles was used in a study about cross country skiing at CeBiSM (Research Centre for Bioengineering and Motor Sciences at the University of Brescia, Trento, Udine  and Verona) in 2007

This study was requested by the technical staff of the Italian Federation of Cross Country Skiing and some Italian top athletes. The aim was to evaluate the load during pushing phase in diagonal stride, one of the techniques of the classical style in cross country skiing. The load exerted on the skis determines the grade of bending, and its knowledge is important for the choice of stiffnes of the ski and the way of waxing.

The pictures shows a measurement session done at an altitude of 3200m in the Schnalstal skiing area, close to the place where "Ötzi the Iceman" was discovered

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