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art science




The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH) of Salt Lake City
recently performed a study examining kinetic and kinematic aspects of long track speed skating. In-skate pressures and forces were recorded using a pedar insole pressure system.These data were collected simultaneously with a 3D motion capture system.

To collect in-skate pressures and forces, each Olympic skater was instrumented with a pair of pedar insoles and a telemetry (wireless) transmitter/receiver.Data collection began at the start position and continued until the skater completed just over one lap.The telemetered novel system delivered data at 50 Hz to a laptop computer while the skater circled the 400 meter oval at speeds over 15 m/s.

The pressure and force data were synchronized with the motion capture data.Together, these data can provide valuable information about athletic performance.The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital’s objective is to provide individual skater profiles that correlate 3D kinematics with in-skate pressure and force recordings.Analysis of these data will be used
to develop a real-time testing and training tool for US Speed Skating coaches and athletes.


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