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art science


The pliance-HS wheelchair systems offer the state of the art technology for static and dynamic pressure distribution measurement on wheelchairs.

The new pliance-HS wheelchair system provides a dynamic quantification of the sitting pressure points of patients in wheelchairs.

This system helps in selecting the appropriate cushions and correct adjustments of the wheelchair to fit the individual patient. For real-life testing, all measurements can be done dynamically while the wheelchair is moving. The pliance functions with Bluetooth® wireless telemetry systems in a wide measurement range. The telemetry allows the user to watch the patient in the wheelchair and at the same time fully control the testing from a PC.

pliance wheelchair sensor mat
The system consists of a not only flexible but also elastic measuring mat, a multi-channel analyser, a calibration device and a software package for Windows XP computers. As in all medical measuring systems the most important part is the sensor technology. pliance works with accurate capacitive transducers in a matrix configuration. The elasticity of the sensor mats permits perfect conformability to 3-dimensional deformations. The pressure transducing elements contain high-tech materials manufactured by novel. Restoring force, range of force, threshold, hysteresis, temperature effect, frequency response and other characteristics are tailored to optimal use on wheelchairs.

trublu calibration device
With the aid of the trublu calibration device, all pliance-HS sensors
are individually and simultaneously calibrated with homogeneous air pressure. Calibration guarantees accurate and reproducible data collection.

pliance-x electronic analyser
connects up to 1024 sensors to a desktop, notebook PC or handheld Pocket PC. The software is written for Windows operating systems and allows a wide range of scientific analysis. Collected data can be stored on the internal flash memory or transmitted online to a PC or Pocket PC via the built-in Bluetooth® telemetry.

pliance wheelchair software
The pliance software operates as a Windows application and allows easy data collection. It contains many useful methods of data collection and analysis of dynamic pressure distribution. It also allows continuous data storage in online mode and data handling with a configurable SQL database. Using novel medical scientific software the expert can design the parameter configuration to his specific needs and exchange HTML data with collegues via Internet.

Features of pliance wheelchair sensor mat:

  • elastic
  • highly compliant
  • accurate
  • reproducible
  • low hysteresis
  • thin
  • calibrated
  • low temperature effect
  • water protection (optional)

Features of pliance wheelchair analyser:

  • accurate
  • dynamic
  • light-weight
  • easy to use
  • mobile
  • safe
  • synchronisable

Features of pliance wheelchair software:

  • easy to use
  • Windows XP compatible
  • multilingual
  • integrated with novel database
  • presents pressure-time integrals
  • allows multi-field analysis

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