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buttonsens force sensor for finger measurements

01 buttonsens   02 IMG 1749

The buttonsens force sensor measures the force on fingers during activities performed in ergonomics, manufacturing quality control, and biomechanics. It is attached to the finger or thumb and detects the normal force acting on the sensor.

The buttonsens utilizes one fully calibrated, capacitive sensor made of textile materials which is connected to the small and lightweight loadpad® electronics. It either communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with a mobile device or can also be connected via cable to novel's industrial pliance® measuring systems.

Using the buttonsens force sensor with a mobile device, data acquisition, real-time transmission via Bluetooth®, and data evaluation is captured with the loadpad® app. The app displays force over time and provides immediate feedback regarding the applied force via an auditory, visual, or vibratory signal. The measured data can be stored on the smartphone and to the cloud and also transferred to a computer for detailed analysis.

The buttonsens force sensor helps the user to meet specified load limits or to achieve target values. As the sensor is thin and highly adaptable there is minimal disturbance to the proprioceptive perception.

The buttonsens force sensor is the ideal solution for mobile applications in which the load on the hand is to be monitored in daily routine.

Technical data of the buttonsens force sensor

      number of sensors   1
      dimensions (mm)   17 x 17 standard and custom sizes
      sampling rate (Hz)   10-100 (selectable)
      transmission   Bluetooth® LE or cable to pliance® analyzer
      operating devices   iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android mobile
      devices, pliance® analyzer, PC
      power supply   3V coin cells (or rechargeable batteries)

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