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pliance® systems - For accurate measurement of load distribution and pressure distribution on hard or soft surfaces

pliance® systems* offer the state of the art technology for pressure distribution measurement between hard, soft and curved surfaces. The systems consist of a flexible and elastic measuring sensor mat, a multi-channel analyser, a calibration device and a software package for PC.

The pliance® analysers vary from 16x16 (pliance®-xf-16) and 32x32 (pliance®-xf-32) channel mobile units to 32x64 channel table devices (pliance®-fti and pliance®-ftd) with a wide range of options, such as master-slave synchronisation of several systems, dynamic amplification control, and synchronisation of video systems.

novel developed an analyser technology that allows not only individual calibration curves for each sensor, but also individual dynamic amplification control and crosstalk suppression, resulting in very accurate and reproducible pressure values. The pliance® analyser communicates with the PC via fibre optic/USB interface; the pliance®-xf analyser also via Bluetooth®.

Technical data for pliance®-xf-16 (-32) system

novel pliance app small
pliance®-xf analyser for mobile measurements

  dimensions (mm)   150 x 100 x 40
  weight (g)   400
  number of sensors (max)   256 (1,024)
  measurement frequency   20,000 sensors/second
  storage type   2 GB SD card
  computer interface   fiber optic/USB and Bluetooth®
  operating system   current Windows OS
  sync option   fiber optic/TTL, in and out
  power supply   NIMh battery


Technical data for pliance®-fti system

pliance®-fti analyser for static measurements

  dimensions (mm)   222 x 182 x 53
  number of sensors (max)
  2x 1,024 = 2,048
  measurement frequency
  2x 20,000 = 40,000 sensors/second
  computer interface
  operating system
  current Windows OS
  sync option
  fiber optic/TTL, sync in and out
  power supply
  external power supply

The pliance® data acquisition software
The software operates as a Windows application and contains many useful methods of data collection and scientific analysis of dynamic pressure distribution. It also allows continuous data storage in online mode and data handling with a configurable SQL database. The expert can design the parameter configuration to specific needs and exchange data with colleagues via HTML protocol. Different levels of pliance measuring software are available.

The pliance® sensors

pliance sensors img

As in all physical measuring systems the most important part is the sensor technology. pliance® works with capacitive transducers in a matrix configuration. The elasticity of the sensor permits perfect conformability to three-dimensional deformations. The pressure transducing elements contain high-tech elastomers manufactured by novel. Restoring force, range of force, threshold, hysteresis, temperature effect, frequency response, and other characteristics are determined during the manufacturing process. This makes it possible to adapt the sensor characteristic to different measuring needs. pliance sensors are available in various sizes, sensor configurations and pressure ranges. That is why the pliance® system is used for various applications e.g. in sports, biomechanics, industry, research, and development.

trublu® calibration device
trublu yellow
trublu® calibration device

The trublu calibration device can be used at any time to verify the quality of the measuring results. It works with homogeneous air pressure on all sensors through increasing steps of pressure. Thus an individual calibration curve for each sensor is calculated and used during data acquisition. Calibration guarantees accurate and reproducible data and can be checked by the user at any time. Calibrations systems are available in various sizes.

* Important note for users inside the EC: The pliance® system is not certified as a medical device according to 93/42/EEC.

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