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loadsol - mobile force sensor


The loadsol® insole monitors the normal force between the plantar side of the foot and the shoe.

With the loadsol® system* from novel it is possible to measure the normal ground reaction force on the plantar surface of the foot in both standing and dynamic movements. Utilizing one flexible, flat sensor which covers the entire plantar surface of the foot, loadsol® measures the force between the foot and the shoe, regardless of which part of the foot is in contact with the insole. The loadsol® sensor is based on new patented technology and due to its linear properties also measures partial loads accurately.
The loadsol® is used for applications where the capture of the total force on the foot is needed. The loadsol® does not capture the local pressure distribution under the foot. For this application novel’s pedar system is the gold standard.

loadsol® technology has matchbox-sized electronics and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth® with a smartphone. The force values are displayed on the smartphone in real time. The user can receive immediate biofeedback regarding the load on the foot via an auditory, visual, or vibratory signal. The measured data can be stored on the smartphone and to a cloud or a data server, and additionally transferred to a computer for a more detailed analysis. Long-term measurements allow the evaluation of various parameters.
loadsol insole in the shoe rgb
loadsol® insole in the shoe

The loadsol® insole conforms well to surfaces and therefore it is possible to wear a shoe inlay in addition to the loadsol® measuring insoles. The electronics were intentionally not integrated into the thin loadsol® sensor to minimize a proprioception change of the plantar surface of the foot, the biomechanics of the gait, as well as the function of a corrective orthotic. The miniature electronics can be attached to the upper part of the shoe, i.e. the laces.

The loadsol® insole is available in shoe sizes 36 to 49 (European sizes) and in four versions with different sensor area layouts. Thus the load on the foot can also be captured separately in up to three subareas. For specific applications there are additional customizable divisions and sizes available.

division sensor surface four layouts rgb

Divison of the sensor surface in four layouts

The loadsol® sensor technology is also available as a dorsal pad for measurement on the dorsum of the foot. The dorsal pad can be used to examine the comfort of the shoe.

The loadsol® app is easy to operate and if required allows for extensive display and evaluation of various parameters.

loadsol Gangsymmetrie web rgb
Walking symmetry
IMG 0048 cmyk small rgb
App setting

In order to further evaluate the acquired data for other applications, the data can be exported to an ASCII file. Additionally, the Windows loadpad® analysis software offers an extensive evaluation of the loadsol® data on the computer.

loadpad analysis lower resolution rgb
Evaluation of loadsol® measurement on a Windows PC

Features of the loadsol®:

• Measures the plantar force in static and dynamic activities
• Scans the foot with up to 200 Hz
• Utilizes patented, capacitive sensors
• Connects to smartphones via Bluetooth®
• Covers the complete plantar surface of the foot
• Can capture either forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot or hindfoot and medial and lateral forefoot separately
• Works with small, lightweight electronics
• Displays bipedal force over time
• Provides biofeedback for two adjustable force levels
• Operates with coin cell or rechargeable batteries
• Displays the data in real time on mobile devices
• Can be automatically stored to the cloud
• Connects to the novel software
• Allows ASCII output and comprehensive Windows data analysis
• Works with iOS and Android
• Allows long-term measurement

Technical data of the loadsol® insole:

      sizes   all sizes and custom made
      number of sensors   1, 2, or 3, covering full plantar area
      force range (N)   20 – 2,500** (standard)
      sampling rate (Hz)   max. 200
      transmission   Bluetooth® LE
      operating  devices   iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones
      power supply   3V coin cell / 14 hours or rechargeable cell

** other ranges possible on request

loadsol® insoles in biomechanics / sports science

loadsol Liam website




In biomechanics, forces over time play a crucial role, as the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles work only in the interplay of forces. The loadsol® measures the normal ground reaction force on the plantar surface of the foot in both standing and dynamic movements.
For the application in sports and biomechanics, the loadsol® app allows the evaluation of parameters such as long-term biofeedback load monitoring, bipedal comparison of balance and gait, as well as the evaluation of cadence or loading rate during running. The app displays bipedal force over time and gives immediate biofeedback regarding the load on the foot. The measured data could be automatically stored to a personal cloud drive.
The loadsol® insole is available in four versions with different sensor area layouts, if the specific application requires the separate recording of the load on hindfoot and forefoot, or hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot, or lateral forefoot, medial forefoot and hindfoot. Additional customizable divisions and sizes can be manufactured.

For athletes or in sports science, the measurement with loadsol® also allows an evaluation of the training regarding e.g. the intensity of the individual phases, the applied peak forces, the mean forces, the balance between left and right leg, the cadence, or the loading rate. The shape of the force curves allows conclusions to be drawn about the flow and uniformity of the athlete’s movement. In addition, the athlete also receives visual feedback during training and can adjust his motion sequence accordingly.

recording whole cycling lesson rgb
Recording of a whole cycling lesson (100 minutes in total) using loadsol® insoles in cycling shoes

There are numerous possibilities of use, from shoe manufacturing over biomechanics research to the application in recreational and professional sports.

* Important note for users inside the EC: The loadsol® system is not certified as a medical device according to 93/42/EEC.

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