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art science


novel developed several prototype sensor systems for measuring the lateral/medial force balance between the tibia and the femur and the pressure distribution between the patella and the femur especially in artificial knee-joints.The sensor pads can be sterilzed in plasma sterilizers and can be used disposable or recyclable. They can be custom-made to fit individual artificial joints from different brands.

Because the pliance system is battery driven and wireless there is no risk for the patient within easy view of the surgeon. A Bluetooth Pocket PC can be used to display the data close to the surgeon's eyes.

Bargraphs show the surgeon the balance between medial and lateral load on the condyles and also the medial-posterior, medial-anterior and the lateral-posterior, lateral-anterior forces in flexion and extension.


kneepad sensor

AFK sensors

The novel AFK sensor(artificial knee sensors) was developed to measure interoperative balance of the ligaments. The shape of the sensor can be adapted to the structure of the knee joint product.

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